Illumin-Knit: Memories
Knitted Sculpture with Light 


These sculptures are an extension of my original "Illumin-Knit" series,  Taking the idea of the free-standing, hollow form with light under it and using it to represent my specific moods over time.

This series is meant to be viewed as a personal reflection on my life throughout a given week; creating a collection of five representing the month of October 2018. The body of each form is made up of 6 rows for each weekday and each section has a stitch pattern reflective of my day.  If the pattern is steady and consistent, then I had a good day; if the pattern is scattered and all over, then that day was more stressful.  They are all arranged in a circle, so that the viewer may see a continuous flow of my emotions and how everything is connected.  




From far away, one would see a knitted lantern form, but upon closer inspection,

the designs become sporadic and unpredictable, just like our lives.